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Pin Explorer to Open Computer

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    Pin Explorer to Open Computer

    Pin Explorer to Taskbar to Open Computer instead of Libraries

    I searched but could not find anything about this, if this is already here, just ignore this or delete it.
    Note to Brink, feel free to add this to tutorials if it is not there, I could not find anything regarding this issue

    I liked that you could do this in 7 without issue, but in 8, if you try to pin explorer to the taskbar, it will open with a second unstacked icon next to it. Annoying, and I am still trying to figure out how to fix this with Firefox Portable and other apps, but I am not sure it will be possible. I think it is due to redirection. That's another story though.

    If the icon is still there on your taskbar and you have not deleted it yet.

    Right click it, then Right Click File Explorer
    Click Properties
    Change Target to

    C:\Windows\explorer.exe ,

    Include the space and coma
    Click OK, you are done

    So, you deleted the icon, but now you want it back as described?

    Right click Start button or open File Explorer which ever way you can/want.
    Pin to Taskbar then repeat steps above.


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    I am not sure, but I think the explorer shortcut was already pinned to my taskbar, after the initial install? Whatever, if I pinned it myself, I do not get a second unstacked icon?

    But, to add to your method, you can of course, direct it to open at any point in the Window. I used to alter mine to read

    C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\

    The "n" and "e" have become redundant, but you can read what they were once used for, here.

    Windows Explorer Command-Line Options
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    I just change the shortcut to "explorer /e,"
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Pin Explorer to Open Computer
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