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Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

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    How To Set Different Colors For Taskbar & Window Borders In Windows 8

    Ok, either I do not get what this application/reg edit is actually supposed to do, or I am not doing it properly, because it does not work.
    And it makes no sense at all.

    This app does nothing that is not already possible in Personalization.

    In fact, I disabled the reg key, and logged off and back on, went into personalization and changed colors and the reg key automatically enabled itself.
    The app does nothing different.

    And this thread is about making the Text in the title bar more see-able when set to black.

    Please post screen shots of actual changes that this application actually makes, Also, I watched the video on the site and it didn't really show anything different.

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    Click image for larger version
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    Attachment 8613

    As you can see, I did not need the app on the second page of this thread to change any colors
    I can make it any color I wish, without the need of that app.

    The text in the title bar is not very visible on dark colors. and there is no way at this time to change it.
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    Nothing against you guys because it's not your fault!!

    But I can't believe how ugly the GUI looks in all screenshots here.. oh my
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    Going off topic on this thread for one post.

    I actually love the new GUI.
    Using Classic Shell I bypass the metro screen without issue and get straight to my desktop.

    Attachment 8663

    Att he upper right corner I have a Rainmeter Skin that I am working on to replace Applauncher Gadget and I am really liking it as well. Rainmeter, I checked it out a long time ago, but had issues with it, it seems much more stable now and there are a lot of nice skins (a lot of garbage skins too). and it's free.

    Here Attachment 8664 Is my ClassicShell skin that I reconfigured to my liking.
    I don't use the start button often except to use the run box. Which is still very useful.
    I have the start button set to Center Click takes me to the Metro Screen, and from the desktop, the bottom left corner start hot spot is disabled, but all others are still working.

    The new Explorer is actually extremely nice.

    Attachment 8665

    Over all, Windows 7 is great, but honestly, Win8 is a huge improvement.

    With that said, I will reserve judgement on Win9 till I can play with it.

    But I for one, am not at all dissatisfied with Win8.

    With all the cross platform synching and integration that is coming to Windows (Xbox, Phone, Tablet, Desktop)
    Not even Apple will be able to catch up to this.

    People will reject the cloud without even realizing that most of what they do is cloud based to begin with.
    Now with Integration of some office apps and synching with my WP7, I work with Word and One Note to create documentation among other things that I can access anywhere.
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    Windows 8 Default Style by ~MrGRiM01 on deviantART

    here is a theme that will make the title text white
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    Back on topic,,,

    Thanks 13013

    As i suspected, the older UXtheme hacks do not work proper on Win8, or not for everyone for whatever reason.

    The author of this Windows 8 Default Style by ~MrGRiM01 on deviantART is aware of an issue with the text on Explorer

    But, this worked.

    Go here... UxStyle - no more patching. and download the UxStyle Core Beta for windows 8 (experimental)

    Install it

    Download the theme above, and follow instructions on that theme site.

    Go to personalize and click on Default Theme, change colors and background as you see fit

    I have rebooted and there are no issues at this time. Will let you know if something happens

    Attachment 8708
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    Windows 8 Default Style by ~MrGRiM01 is working great now. so many thanks MrGRiM01. iv been looking for this function for weeks. iv got my black title bars back and am finally pretty happy with windows 8.

    Click image for larger version
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    This is very easy using Restorator and a Hex Editor. Just follow the "luke|18 Aug" comment -- I changed mine to red
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Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?
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