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Is there a way to go directly to Apps in the Start Menu?

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    Is there a way to go directly to Apps in the Start Menu?

    I personally enjoy the Windows 8 Start Menu and I was wondering whether I could directly go to Apps when I press the Windows key instead of going to the Start Menu first, then right clicking, and then going to All Apps. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

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    From the desktop or start screen - move mouse to top right (or bottom) - get charms -
    select the search - 1 click to ALL APPS

    or - start screen - Winkey + Z / press enter
    or from the desktop - Winkey + C / search / press enter

    Unfortunately, we cannot speak to the computer and say:
    "Computer > Start Screen"


    "Computer > ALL APPS"
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    "Unfortunately, we cannot speak to the computer and say:
    "Computer > Start Screen""

    Now there's an idea for MS Win 9!
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    Yeah... It would be awesome.
    Voice commands for everything from
    Computer > on
    to Computer > do something

    Interactive AI (artificial intelligence)
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    Are you sure you can't? You can in windows 7...

    How to Use Voice Commands to Control Windows 7
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    Definitely a step in the right direction.
    but wearing a head set or speaking into a microphone seems like a little work.
    Also, current stuff requires the software "to get to know" your voice.

    I look forward to improvements in voice technology.
    The HAL concept is cool.
    Hello HAL.
    How are you today?
    I am fine.
    How are you?
    ........................ What does it feel like to sleep?
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    Dave tries to open the hatch.....
    Sorry, Dave. I can't let you do that....
    Open the hatch, Hal........
    What do you want, Dave?....

    Awesome flick!
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    Windows 7/8

    I havent tried the Windows 7 voice assist myself yet, but the voice dictation on my android needed zero training and it works shockingly well (I have had a lot of experience with older, not so hot, needed training voice software). So it's actually pretty good these days in general.

    The entire idea of communicating with your computer by voice though... neat on Star Trek, but in real life? Ugh, people are always talking or music playing and then you sound like an idiot, everyone else can here you and you can hear everyone else talking to their computers... Other than being alone or as an accessibility thing.. uh.. not really.

    "Hello Siri? I mean "M.r 8?" Can you find me the best price on incontinence supplies please?"
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    Bit of a problem when my wife yells "Switch off (operative phrase) that B*** computer and go and do some weeding"
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    Bit of a problem when my wife yells "Switch off (operative phrase) that B*** computer and go and do some weeding"
    LOL and a half, Dave! I remember as a child hearing the older WWII generation referring to automobiles and machines as "She". "She just needs a little adjustment", "She's just worn out", "She needs a repair", "She's a good runner". No offense to women here -> My mother was one. It wasn't until I was married a few years that I understood why they refer to them as such.
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Is there a way to go directly to Apps in the Start Menu?
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