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A fix for border padding?

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    Thank you sir. I'll be greating a tutorial on this soon when I get my hands on an official RTM when released on TechNet/MSDN.

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    You are welcome kind sir!
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    Lol, posted that app 2 days ago in this forum I hadn't seen this thread.

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    Sigh, this is gonna be tough to explain...

    From what I can see, un-selecting 'show shadows around windows' in the 'adjust appearance and performance' dialogue box does 'kinda' fix the issue I was having with the massive transparent 'border padding' - It appears that for some reason on Win8 my 'border shadows' are transparent instead of black. So in Win7 where I have the shadows on and thus windows can be lined-up together and appear to have no space inbetween them (this is a very tiny space that I can only see if I turn the black window shadows off on Win7), in Win8 it is either the same tiny, tiny space in-between windows as W7 if I have shadows off - and the huge amount of transparent space if I have shadows on (see in the opening post).

    1. I need a way to turn the shadows black on Win8 first of all, please, if that is do-able.

    2. As someone with poor eyesight Ivan Heckman's allSnap software (150beta) has improved my ability to work with multiple Windows Explorer windows by x1000 as I can easily snap them together. Under Windows 7 32-bit (my main desktop PC) I can do this flawlessly no matter if I am resizing a window or if I am moving a window, it will snap to another window when it comes within 10 pixels of it.

    I am having issues with the software in Windows 7 64-bit (family's laptops) and Windows 8 32-bit (my laptop), where running allSnap 150beta I can only get two Windows Explorer windows to snap together if I am resizing them, not when I am moving them. allSnap uses 'hooking' to snap windows together, which is only supposed to be used in debugging environments anyway. Ivan's website is here: allSnap: make all windows snap

    I pray that either he (I have sent an email) or someone here can help me overcome the problem, so that windows snap together regardless if I am resizing or moving them.
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    Not sure about the other issue #2, but have you already turned transparency off to see if it may further help with issue #1?
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    I am on Win8 Enterprise N x86 RTM. There are no options to turn use/not use transparent glass in either "personalize, color" or "adjust performance & appearance" menus. And there are no 'Aero themes' available to me to use as per the instructions. I downloaded the reg files for turning transparency on and off - but these had no effect.

    However it isn't the window borders I am wanting to turn transparent/non-transparent, but the shadow around them (I believe this is called the ''drop shadow'', which I have seen referenced as being removed in Win8 because MS were getting rid of Aero artifacts). I'll provide some screenshots shortly of what I mean.

    Win7 snapped window, with shadow

    Black shadow shows around the windows.

    Win7 snapped window, without shadow

    as you can see here in Win7 with the windows snapped-together using allSnap - there is no red showing-through in-between the windows, at least not that I can see. Also the shadow is black when shadow is on, and not there with shadows off.

    Original Win8 snapped windows with space in-between, from original post

    Now, I am not entirely sure what fixed this before, it may have been jumping from the RP to Enterprize N RTM; or something may have changed the first time I un-ticked 'show window shadows'; or when I first used 'tinywindowborders.exe' from But for now no matter if I tick/un-tick 'show window shadows' or install/uninstall 'tinywindowborders.exe' I do not get these massive spaces in-between borders. That's awesome!

    Win8 snapped window, WITHOUT shadow

    No shadow showing as per the set perimeters, however there is also a thin bit of red showing in-between the snapped windows.

    Win8 snapped window, WITH shadow

    I see no black shadow underneath the windows like I do in Win7/I am telling Win8 to show. There is also still a thin bit of red showing in-between the snapped windows.
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    Added all relevant pictures to the previous post....

    If the shadow around the windows which isn't showing in Windows 8 is infact the ''drop shadow'' which has been removed from Win8 due to it being part of Aero visuals, then the shadow issue makes sense.

    What is annoying me more is the thin amount of red in-between the windows, how it still shows through when I resize windows and get them to snap, whereas Win7 had no background showing through even when there was no shadow around the window - and the fact that I can no longer actually get windows to snap when moving one around, only via resize.

    Am I shit-out-of-luck do you guys think?
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    Sorry lilsting, I missed it that you were using a RTM instead of RP of Windows 8 for the transparency part.

    I'm not sure that there's anything you can do for the thin red line (desktop background) showing through like that unless you manually drag one of the borders over a bit to fill the space.
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    Ah well... the thin line I can learn to deal with - I mean it's certainly much better than the humongous amount of space I previously had in-between windows as pictured in the original post. I just hope that someone is able help me force the windows to snap together (already sent an email to allSnap's developer), that made dealing with multiple windows so much easier on me, having to take into account my crappy eyes, haha.

    Either that, or I pray that I can adjust to life 'after the snap' so to speak. Most of the things that really annoyed me about Windows 8 I have come to appreciate (Start Screen over Start Menu), or I hardly even notice anymore (semi-transparent taskbar in RTM which we don't seem to be able to disable the transparency for).
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    OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! I reread your original post and NOW I get what you're saying!!

    Assuming you're running the Release Preview or earlier, that issue doesn't appear in the leaked RTM build.

    Click image for larger version

    As you can see, it's simply snapping to every pixel it can. No gaps, just clean lines.
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A fix for border padding?
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