So.. I'll go straight to the point: Is this bug fixable?
Click image for larger version

-The theme is called "Windows Basic (Square)" and as you can see, it's a recreation of Windows 7's Basic Theme for Windows 8.1, easily the best one out of the 2 or 3 there are on the internet.
-It was created by an user of DeviantArt called "SimplexDesignsART"

I know that one way would be deleting the caption text through regedit like this.
The thing is that this method messes up with a pair of programs that I usually use. One of them just crashes given a certain moment when the modification is activated while it doesn't crash when it is not and the other program's fonts becomes invisible.

So.. yeah, is there any way to fix this problem? That along with the "Previous & Next" buttons are the only reasons as to why I've been avoiding using the Theme, but I really want to be able to use it ;_; ..