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Creating my own theme for windows 8.1

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    server 2012r2

    Change background color of windows

    I want to create my own theme because I cannot find what I want on the internet.
    I run server 2012 r2 but it does not matter.

    I like the theme ''windows basic'', but I only want a darker background color so that I do not burn my eyes .
    I want no sounds, no wallpapers. I must use aero.
    THe thing is that I tried to alter the ''high contrast theme'', but they do not work well with firefox [there is a problem with black context menu, even with the setting here] and IE.
    I tried this theme Windows classic theme for Windows 8 RTM, 8.1, 10
    Windows classic theme for Windows 8 RTM, 8.1, 10 by kizo2703 on DeviantArt but it has the bug too. THe theme hc-midnight-v033 has the bug too.
    for inst
    ance, there is a famous bug with server 2012 r2 and the fix fails on my system, Fix: Corrupt Windows 2012 RDS Basic Color Scheme

    I have found a program ''msstyleEditor'' but I do not know how to use it.

    I already have the colors of the ''windows XP classic theme''

    [Control Panel\Colors]
    Scrollbar=212 208 200
    Background=58 110 165
    ActiveTitle=10 36 106
    InactiveTitle=128 128 128
    Menu=212 208 200
    Window=231 230 226
    WindowFrame=0 0 0
    MenuText=0 0 0
    WindowText=0 0 0
    TitleText=255 255 255
    ActiveBorder=212 208 200
    InactiveBorder=212 208 200
    AppWorkspace=128 128 128
    Hilight=128 128 192
    HilightText=255 255 255
    ButtonFace=227 225 219
    ButtonShadow=128 128 128
    GrayText=128 128 128
    ButtonText=0 0 0
    InactiveTitleText=212 208 200
    ButtonHilight=255 255 255
    ButtonDkShadow=64 64 64
    ButtonLight=212 208 200
    InfoText=0 0 0
    InfoWindow=255 255 225
    ButtonAlternateFace=181 181 181
    HotTrackingColor=0 0 128
    GradientActiveTitle=166 202 240
    GradientInactiveTitle=192 192 192
    MenuHilight=10 36 106
    MenuBar=212 208 200
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    server 2012r2

    So I have work on this

    Since I do not know how to make a .msstyles, I had to start with a custom style which has some grey background.
    I took this one
    Anime Skin: Theme Windows 8.1 and 10 Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry By Bashkara

    Then I found out that if I add the lines in my first post dealing with the colors of classic theme in windows xp, it works quite well, because the anime style above is full of white background...

    Now, I had to replace all the images of the custom theme, by some dummy square from the same theme, and now I have a grey background. I would prefer the color of the background to be
    Background=  RGB Decimal :131, 230, 226
    like for windows xp classic, but I fail to implement this today.

    Here is the theme to install [you probably need some patch from the program UXStyle]
    Télécharger eegrospointeurThemes.7z - Multi Upload -

    Can somebody improve my theme if needed?
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Creating my own theme for windows 8.1
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