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Metro disabler

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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    I just ran it.

    No problem with Avast

    No problem with MSE .

    I also ran it windows 7 x64 - of course it doesn't do anything there - again no problem with Avast.

    Check it on Virustotal - 2 positives - 40 declare it clean.

    That is good enough for me.

    MS might try and find a way of stopping it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Hi Rickkins - have you got it working ok?
    I do indeed. It's weird, I posted it last night, but the whole damn thread got deleted.

    I tried adding it to the start up folder.

    However, by adding the exe to startup, I seemed to lose my "show desktop" functions. Removing it, and manually clicking it returned the function.

    I have repeated the process several times now, and it happens each time. Loading the exe via the startup folder breaks the "show desktop" function. Running the exe outside of the startup folder, does not. Funny.

    Other than that it works fine. So between that, booting directly to desktop, and having been able to fix my taskbar the way I like it(xp style), I pretty much have 8 setup in such a way that I would actually migrate to using it as my main os...... if, that is, when it finally is released ms hasn't disabled all the fixes.
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    Interesting - maybe we can get something to start it up a few seconds after getting to the desktop - just to stop clicking it.

    Perhaps a task to boot to desktop ( you see the start screen for a few secs first - but no clicking needed ).

    Then another task a few seconds later to run f**kmetro.

    Did you try something along those lines?
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

    I run it and Metro is being disabled right now. But somewhere I read that when you will restart the pc Metro will be available again. How can I set this program to run at startup?

    SIW2 thnks for sharing this with us.
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    Windows 10 x64

    It worked. But putting the program in the startup folder gives messy results after reboot:

    Windows starts up and goes to startscreen. There I have this purple background.
    And then the startup process occurs and it disables Metro. There I'm stuck with the purple background and the taskbar but no desktop.

    First going to the desktop (with Metro icon or some other way) before the disabler does is work is recommended to avoid the mentioned problem.

    I'm running it in combination with Power8 start menu: Power8 - Start menu replacer for Windows 8

    For the rest no problems.

    So antiviruses find the disabler suspect. You'll never know if it's a false positive or not so watch out.
    It' s stopping an Explorer process by force (the Metro UI), that's one of the known thing we know about it.
    I'm running it in a VM as usual.
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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    ESS found no virus.
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    If you don't like Metro, why go through the effort to disable it? Give MS the finger and continue to use Windows 7 or some other OS. Outside of the Metro interface, what does Windows 8 provide that is so compelling that working through or around Metro would be so worth it?
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    For most people I don't suppose there is anything compelling about win8. Repelling perhaps.

    The more geeky types enjoy this kind of thing.

    We have a choice.

    The public is going to find they buy a machine and it has the dreaded metro on it.

    If there is a good way to get rid of the much hated thing - that will great.
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Metro disabler
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