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Windows volume indicator turned gray.

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    Windows volume indicator turned gray.

    Click image for larger version
    This happened to my Volume Indicator. It turned to grey.. I know that it's supposed to be blue.. not gray.. can someone help me thanks!

    Does this have anything to do with Windows Update? Thanks

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    Just a suggestion.
    The upgrade to 8.1 is free.

    I like 8.1 better than 8.

    If you make a system image with Macrium Reflect you can easily revert to 8 if you desire to.

    Macrium Reflect Free

    My volume indicator is different than yours with 8.1.

    I have 8.1 Pro.
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    Hello AlSahhim, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It should be the same color as the color you selected for your accent color.

    Start Screen - Change Background Color and Image
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Windows volume indicator turned gray.
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