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is there a way to get back start menu button in desktop mode?

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    is there a way to get back start menu button in desktop mode?

    I find the new Windows 8 "start" lack the hierarchical organisation. After I installed a view programs the "start" page just become a big pile of mess. I would like to get the start button on the desktop. Is there a way to do it?

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    There are Start Button/Menu alternatives like ViStart, Start Menu 7 and Vista Start Menu available downloadable for free from the Internet. However, there is no built-in ability to take back the old Start Menu and Button that's why you have to rely on those alternatives.
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    It might take a little effort to get started <no pun intended, by you can slim the main Start menu page down.
    If you just "unpin" the apps/program tiles they will still be available on the all apps page.
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    There is a free program out there called classic shell, works better than any other that I tried, has right click options, and you can drag icons to and from the start menu, you can't do that in vistart

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    That is the question so many are asking.

    I am afraid MS have ripped out the start menu code.

    They did it deliberately to try and force users to the start screen with all the apps.

    You will have to use a 3rd party alternative - some good ones have already been suggested.

    Classic shell is good - startmenu7 has a very different design - see which you prefer.
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    Not the Start Menu, but the built in Quick Launch is still available:- Users\\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. I use it, with small icons, as it doesn't take up as much space as pinned programs on the Task Bar
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    Isn't the whole of the Taskbar quick launch, since Vista? Small icons are an option also, for the taskbar
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    No, Quick Launch is a separate toolbar. Yes, small icons can be selected for the Task Bar, but they are still larger than those for Quick Launch
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    OMG. I'm old. I can only just see the small icons on the taskbar - lol. I think you will find, if you research, that the so-called "quick launch" is redundant. Your post is only referring to an extra toolbar. There is not, I think, any difference in the size of the icons either.

    Have a look here:
    Quick Launch Toolbar
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    I'm old also! Microsoft would like us to think that Quick Launch is redundant, I'm glad it is still included. The Task Bar icons are about twice the width of the Quick Launch icons, the actual icon image is much the same size, but the Task Bar icons have a wide background. The page you referenced also points out other advantages of Quick Launch.
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is there a way to get back start menu button in desktop mode?
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