Hello all,

I am using a theme that has white text in a dark titlebar. A lot of the ones I tried did not work fully because (I'm guessing) they haven't been updated for Windows 8.1, and some that said 8.1, were probably not updated for 8.1 Update 1. One key problem not instantly noticeable is that when you right click in the Start screen, you get no context menu on themes that "don't work" even though they may look fine. I finally found one called AeroByDesign.

The reason for this post is, on some programs I use for work (mostly AV programming and such), there are windows inside of the main program window. Those interior windows don't get the white titlebar text that the main window has, so I currently have trouble reading those.

Is a theme able to address the window-inside-a-window elements? Perhaps these are just overlooked by the theme designers? A couple of these programs (I think) are built on the .NET Frameworrk if that helps narrow things down.

Thanks all!