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How to use reserved characters in filename?

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    How to use reserved characters in filename?

    I'm especially interest in "?" and ":"

    So can you teach me how to rename them in such a way?

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    You cannot use the reserved characters in filenames. In this context that is what reserved means. The file system will not accept files with these characters. Why do you wish do do this? If we knew why someone may be able to suggest a workable alternative.
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    Well, its nothing important.
    It's just that I want to name my files and folders the way they are intended to.

    I just refuse to believe that a piece of flagship software developed by one of the world's biggest software company can't even allow users to include such common characters such as a question mark or colon in their filename.

    From what I read, half of the reserved characters can be used most of the time without significant consequences.
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    The reserved characters are of special significance to the file system. Allowing these characters in filenames would have created numerous problems for the operating system, application developers, and users. In Unix almost all characters were allowed in filenames. That produced a lot of problems. Prohibiting the use of reserved characters is a small price to pay.

    Designing an OS or application software requires making many decisions. Sometimes they are hard, Sometimes they are very hard. Sometimes no matter what the decision somebody will say it was a stupid one. You can't please everyone.
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    It is possible to find characters in Unicode fonts and use them - they have only other character codes, but warning: No every software can work with them and really don't know how them handles other Windows, even other OSes! I'm using it and works, if you want to know which contact me.

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How to use reserved characters in filename?
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