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A Few Desktop Icons Are Smaller Than the Rest

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    A Few Desktop Icons Are Smaller Than the Rest

    I have tried to research this, but any possible answer gets drowned out by all the listings for web pages telling you how to make ALL your desktop icons a different size. That's not at all the situation I'm dealing with.

    Most of my desktop icons are the size I want them to be, but there are a few that are too small. Most of the icons in question are for shortcuts I created, but some are for links to executable files (none of the document files on the desktop are displaying smaller icons). Of course, I can assign which icon graphic the shortcuts use; the icons associated with the executable files seem to be assigned by the system. I can't even get the ones I assign to be larger. I have tried to pick a different icon graphic that I know is larger when viewed alone as an icon file. They still come out small when displayed by the shortcut.

    I suppose this might be a two-fold problem: 1) getting the shortcuts to display a larger icon, and 2) getting the other desktop links to display larger icons. I would be greatly encouraged to solve the first problem.

    Please, PLEASE don't tell me to go into the desktop "View" menu and pick "Large icons." l only want to increase the size of the few desktop icons that for some reason unknown to me are stubbornly refusing to be as big as all the others. They're real obvious, too. They have a thin line around their perimeter that screams at me, "Look at all this empty space within this box!"

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    Could you post a screenshot of said icons ?
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    I can try...

    Click image for larger version
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    From what you want to do, you might have to replace the icon in the executable with the icon of your choice, the icon must be *.exe, *.dll, *.res or *.ico file.
    Modify the Icon of an .Exe File

    After making the change, you need to sign out and sign back in.

    Here's an example:
    Note: I copy your png and make it into a .ico file 256x256 pixels

    Click image for larger version
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    Well That Was Fun...

    There ought to be an easier way, but I downloaded something called "Resource Hacker" and took a chance on wiping out my executable with it. It seems to have worked. I have a program called IcoFX that didn't want to adjust icon sizes beyond those already defined in the icon or other graphic format file. So I viewed the icon graphic using Windows Photo Viewer and expanded it to cover a large portion of my screen. Then I used the Windows Snipping Tool to capture the display and saved it to a .jpg. The last thing I did was bumble my way through some online instructions for using Resource Hacker (online because the help file included with the application kept launching in OpenOffice Writer instead of html and was basically incomprehensible in that format). The system wouldn't let me overwrite the executable with the new icon resource added, so I had to save it elsewhere then cut and paste it independent of Resource Hacker to get the overwrite completed. Lastly, I was able to choose the larger icon for the shortcut. I think I got lucky because I have no idea how I managed to pull that off.

    Here's proof that I did it though:
    Click image for larger version
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A Few Desktop Icons Are Smaller Than the Rest
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