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bug? Items added to "Desktop" are hidden ... show in Explorer

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    bug? Items added to "Desktop" are hidden ... show in Explorer

    is this a bug or something I need to 'enable' ? some of the items that I have added to my desktop do not appear on the graphical desktop [control panel being one] - but if I open explorer and flick the desktop folder, they are there.
    another annoying step... how to correct that?

    also, does someone have a shortcut to "cmd" and/or the shutdown menu? I'm having to do multiple steps to get the interface out of the way

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    Hello Cognus,

    You could right click in the Navigation Pane and click on Show all folders to have more options including "Control Panel" in it.

    For CMD and Shutdown, you might see if any of these may help depending on what you like best. The ones for Windows 7 below will work in Windows 8 as well.

    Hope this helps,
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    I think you need to right click on the desktop, select view and show the desktop icons. They have got hidden somehow.

    On your desktop with the icons showing, right click and make a new shortcut. Put cmd in the textbox. click through the dialogs and you will have a command prompt icon. By right clicking the icon, and changing the properties, you can run the cmd as admin each time you use it, change the icon, change the colour of the text in the console etc.

    Make another shortcut and put shutdown -s -t 0 in the textbox and you will have a fast shutdown icon. The number 0 can be changed to delay the shutdown to however many seconds you want. You can also change the icon.

    shutdown -r -t 0 restarts the machine, and shutdown -l logs you out. If you need to restart the machine with boot options to help repair the system if there are problems, shutdown -r -o -t 0 will give you the boot options screen.

    If you don't want a desktop cluttered with icons, right click the taskbar, toolbars and check the desktop option - you get a little desktop toolbar menu from the taskbar, and you can hide all the desktop icons again. If you slide the taskbar spacer, desktop toolbar becomes like the old quicklaunch bar, or squeeze it up to keep it as a menu.
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    ok - Brink thanks for that. got a button going now - its 'fast shutdown' I was wanting.
    as to the items, you were right in that the folders were not shown but I don't understand your direction about 'show folders' - what I did do instead for the moment is simply drag the folder to the real desktop which has the effect of creating a shortcut.
    I do want to understand what you meant however

    one more - similar to your shutdown scripting: to invoke any command item [such as cmd for that matter] - these days I'm fooling with my networks way too much - how to script a shortcut that would take me directly to networks & sharing, for instance. is that a matter of putting the full and correct path ?

    one other and I know this is near a cross-post violation [handslap] but I posted a plea about the old ahci dilemna and have no response. I read here and there about [shouldn't be necessary!] registry hack to change a scsi value but the posts I'm seeing differ as to how to do it so I'm hesitant. why on earth can they not fix this ?? and a bit unlike 7, when 8 has the bios switch flipped, it flips.... into a laborious repair cycle, which yields nothing, but is dangerous if a user interrupts it! what is the right way to shift from ide to ahci mode after the install? [and just to vent.... if we can do it, why can't MS put a 'button' in the user controls somewhere to effect this?]
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    You're most welcome.

    Yeah the AHCI issue really needs to be dealt with in it's original thread and not this one.

    If you would like to have only a "Shut down" option in the desktop's context menu instead of the full Power one, then you could remove the Power one, and use the tutorial below to add only Shut down.

    Clicking on the "Show all folders" link in my post above can give you more details about it, but it looks like this below when checked to give you the options you wanted in the Navigation Pane.

    Click image for larger version

    You could open "Network and Sharing Center" by right clicking on the Network icon in the notification area on the far right of the taskbar and clicking on it. If you would like a separate shortcut, then the tutorial below can help show you how to create one.
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bug? Items added to "Desktop" are hidden ... show in Explorer
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