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Add Start icon to right click contect menu

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    Add Start icon to right click contect menu


    I dont have a touch screen. When using the desktop, in order to switch to the Metro UI one has to move the mouse cursor to the lower left corner until the Start icon pops up, and then click on the icon to switch to the Metro UI or have to press the start icon on the keyboard. That is time consuming and i need a more efficient way

    Solution I am seeking

    I would like to add a Start icon to the context menu so in order to switch to the Metro UI from the desktop all i need to do is right click. Can someone offer a viable solution. I also welcome third part apps

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    Hello Xav,

    Pressing the Windows key is a one step action.

    Clicking on the Start button is a one click action.

    A context menu would be a two step action. Right click on desktop, and click on context menu item.

    It would be efficient to use what you have already. Otherwise, please explain what would make a context menu more efficient for you.
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    Brink, thanks for the response. Good question. If you look at moving the cursor from the position the start page there is the time it takes to move the cursor from let's say Northeast to Southwest point of the screen which takes more time with hand motion and involves not only the risk but also more elbow tension. The win key is a fine option however ii presupposes you must have a free hand to execute the action. If I am one the computer talking with a client on my cell which means my left hand is full and my mouse in the right hand is full, to move between the desktop and Metro would require a a two step action. First I have to release the mouse and then press the win key. Then I have to reengage the mouse.

    With the Win Start icon on the context menu I could have both hands engaged and if I have to switch screens I can do it via the context menu which would mean less tension on my elbows and the action of switching screens can be done without moving the cursor from its point of the screen and releasing the mouse if my left hand is engaged.
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Add Start icon to right click contect menu
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