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Customizing The Log On Screen

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    Customizing The Log On Screen

    Hi, my log in screen is very similar as the one in this image:

    I want to customize it; I want to add a background image to it instead. My lock screen already has a slideshow playing on it, so it's nice and good. Yet having my log in screen look like the one in the next link would be really cool. I cannot figure out what program was used to do this:

    What I really would love to do is to add the AM/PM like it shows in this picture.

    Any suggestions?

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    We've been having the same discussion on donationcoder, with no response yet (although I learned a lot about the lockscreen):

    Make Windows 8 login/lockscreen transparent? -

    Haven't found anyone doing this, all the tips are just about changing that solid color of a background:

    Is customizing the login screen possible?

    Nothing new here either:

    How do I change the login screen image? (NOT lock screen)

    Apparently, this can be done using DisplayFusion although I don't know if it allows the customization you're looking for.

    I also asked this guy:

    Changing Windows Login Screen Background
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    Oh wow, I tried looking around the internet for a while for this and wasn't able to find those forums/threads. I suck at finding things that are very rare and hard to find apparently, right?
    But thank you so much for looking around as well, I'm sure it took you a while to find those links. I really appreciate it, and I hope you will find this to good use as well, to where you'd change the background image.

    I still haven't tried DisplayFusion yet, but I'm hoping it would work... I saw the video on their webpage, and it shows the change of the login screen for Windows 7. I might try it in a few, and when I do I'll reply to this thread.

    But for now I'm gonna try that method in the last link: Changing Windows Login Screen Background
    and I'll reply on here
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    That's odd.. apparently that method didn't work for me (and yes, I did the Windows 8 method which is halfway down the page, not the first part which is the Windows 7 method). I changed it all back to the default values... now my slideshow for my lock screen doesn't wanna work... Ugh... why does Microsoft not have certain things that would stay consistent. XP had no issue whenever you change some crazy settings, then put them all back to default, and everything goes right back exactly the way it was.

    I'll try DisplayFusion eventually.
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    I still haven't tried DisplayFusion since I read that it doesn't work for Windows 8.

    Hopefully I will find the program that was able to do what was shown in the second link of the first post:
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    I found this site thru Google Search - don't know how reliable it is. Shows a manual method and a 3rd Party App - use at your own risk, as I haven't tried these.
    How to change Logon Screen in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 - Programmer vs Hacker
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    Thanks for the reply:

    1) I tried the manual 'regedit' method.. yet it didn't work.
    The website doesn't show the whole regedit location in plain text, but does show it in the picture (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Authentication/LogonUI/Background).
    Had to go to the system32 folder manually, because that link he has doesn't have slashes, so it doesn't go anywhere.
    He says to name the picture as "backgroundDefault.jpg", but in his image, the picture's name is vice-versa "defaultBackground.jpg", lol. I tried both. Did all possible methods, yet no background image =(
    2) The link to the program requires that I install an old version of the .NET framework. This program is out-dated and I will not install that pre-requisite.

    If anyone else tries it, please post back on if it worked or not.

    But thanks so much for looking around and finding this page.
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Customizing The Log On Screen
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