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New annoying bug with new Theme engine and the taskbar

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    New annoying bug with new Theme engine and the taskbar

    As you know, the new UX Theme engine for Windows 8 does not include the old stuff, so the Classic View style from Windows 2000 is no longer available. You can change the colors, but that's about it. How to Get Classic-Style Themes Back on Windows 8

    The new "fat window borders" engine has a bug when you move the taskbar to the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

    If you set the taskbar to Hide, you will find there is now a BLANK space on the bottom of the screen for windowed, maximized apps. This bug does not occur with the taskbar hidden at the bottom of the screen: if you move the mouse to the top and click, it does not Deselect the current window.

    However, with the taskbar on the top and hidden, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen and clicking Deselects the current window! This is especially annoying if you are trying to use a maximized window and it deselects when you misclick on the bottom of the screen.

    My guess: With the new themes engine, hiding the Taskbar at the top leaves 1 pixel of taskbar (plus border). On the bottom of the screen it's got an extra pixel space that drills down to the background and deselects the window.

    When the taskbar is hidden on the bottom, it hides differently, and there is no space above the maximized window. It looks different on the bottom too, like they hot-fixed it.

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    Quick Fix if you are encountering this bug:
    1. get Classic Shell
    2. one of the options under the CS Start Menu -> Windows 8.1 Settings is called "Disable Active Corners"
    3. Check "All" and save.

    I am guessing the little Windows icon in the lower-left that pops up was causing an entire line of pixels on the bottom to get mapped back to the desktop.

    Now that it's disabled, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen and clicking no longer deactivates the current window. A friend had noted that right-clicking down there brought up the Desktop properties menu, so it was clear what was going on.

    *Some* apps maximize properly on Windows 8.1. Most likely there is a new 'maximize window' code that is now being used for 8.1 SDK to work with new theme.
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New annoying bug with new Theme engine and the taskbar
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