I thought this would be better fit under customization:

I'm finally starting to learn to use PowerShell(PowerHell for some) after all these years of just using command prompt. I decided it was time because I've been learning/using BASH(last year and a half) in Ubuntu and it can be faster and even easier to process repetitive tasks and save the commands/scripts for future use. What's great with shell is I can even use it for single DOS commands.
Now I'm setting ISE up and have been running my batch files through it too. I save all my scripts, commands and BAT files in documents under a folder I named SCRIPTS. In ISE under file is a list of every thing, so much easier to find, also when helping another I can find it faster and cut/paste to post it.
PowerShell 4 is of course a bit more flexible and of more use than the one in Windows 7(MEH). Anyone else(home users not sys admins) making good use of it too?