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High Contrast Display not displaying all web pictures

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    High Contrast Display not displaying all web pictures

    I am trying to lengthen battery life by using a black back ground. I can create the look I want using a High contrast theme. The strange thing is some web pictures do not display. I have Yahoo as my home page. Most pictures display but not all do. If I flip the theme to a non-high contrast one all pictures appear. If I position my cursor over where the pic should be the browser recognizes the pic's link and when clicked on I navigate to link. At the link the pictures do display there. I have not tested any other sites to see if problem exists there.

    Any solutions out there?


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    Orbiting the Moon
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    I'm not sure how well the high contrast can save battery but it worth a try.

    What browser do you use?
    If the browser switches to high contrast then colors and backgrounds of websites also change. This is the case for IE and Firefox. Chrome seems to ask for HC extras but if you ignore them, you can still enjoy the sites in their original color even if you're on high contrast for the rest. Disabling HC in other browsers still needs to be investigated, if possible or not.

    On yahoo site it seems that the icons are invisible on high contrast, pretty weird. Chrome can display it fine if you run it without the extra extentions for high contrast, I believe Oper can do that too.

    Another drawback of high contrast, mentioned on my special themes thread, is that it seems less graphic-accelerated: frames of some 3D programs aren't shown only on forced refresh, whether that is possible, like in your case: only on click/navigation the pictures are shown.
    I didn't see the issue in yahoo yet as I'm running it in Chrome, to avoid the color changes, but desktop programs like: Stellarium, Cinema 4D and After Effects suffer from empty screens on high contrast. Only if you render content you'll see something and in case of Stellarium only a task kill can save it.

    IMO, OpenGL doesn't run as it should on high contrast of W8.
    EDIT: WebGL in browsers runs fine, mobile apps run.

    I hope MS knows about the issue and if it's an important one or not we'll have to see if Windows 10 will fix it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am using IE 11. Haven't tried Chrome in years, it used to do weird things to me. For now I will just have to live with the HC theme acting weird when I invoke it, trying to stretch battery life. It would be great if Windows 10 fixes the HC fumbles.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Yes IE11 uses HC theme fully.

    I hope so too, that Win10 will try to do something about the weird issue of HC themes.

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High Contrast Display not displaying all web pictures
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