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Desktop background slideshow not changing correctly

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    Desktop background slideshow not changing correctly

    I'm a bit ocd with my desktop background and with my old netbook I had Windows 7 starter and I had a 3rd party app to change my background and I picked a folder of photos to change once a day and it would change at midnight every night, I loved it. I've have 8.1 for a while and the slideshow feature has never worked properly. I have a folder of over 500 photos in them, all checked and set to change every 1 day, no shuffle, and no 'when using battery power pause the slideshow' and it'll change multiple times a day. I've put up with it for a while but I recently started noticing it not even going in order that I have the photos in the folder, it's jumping all over the place. So last night I tried to restart it in a sense. I unchecked everything, set it as one photo, then went back in and checked them all and put set the slide show to every one day and started with the first photo in the folder. That was 9 last night, now it is almost 24 hours later and it's already gone through 4 photos. I've never noticed any specific time that it's changing or anything but then again I'm not staring at my desktop screen all day. I know this is a bit petty but it's bothered me for quite a while now.

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    Im having problems with the Desktop slideshow also.

    Mine is I have two monitors and it (the windows 8.1 OS) wants to display two different wallpaper images on both monitors. I want the same wallpaper I have on monitor 1 to be on monitor 2.
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Desktop background slideshow not changing correctly
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