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Same desktop background on all Microsoft account comps

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    Same desktop background on all Microsoft account comps

    Hello, I recently finished my first build with windows 8 for gaming purposes and have run into a minor annoyance that should be an easy fix but I can't quite find the option to change it.

    I log into both my desktop and my laptop through my Microsoft account to take advantage of One Drive for school, but both of my computers display the same desktop background whether I change it on one system or the other and I really don't like that as I want each of my systems to have their own "personality".

    I know this is probably an easy fix and I am just overlooking the very option that is escaping me but some input would be appreciated!


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    Hello Ackthatkid while logged in to your Microsoft account open PC Settings> OneDrive > Sync Settings > then under personalization setting on the RH side under Start Screen switch off My Start Screen & tiles layout also it is a good idea to check all of the settings and set to your preferences. You will have to do this for each computer.

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    Thank you that was very helpful. Did not think it would be in the OneDrive settings!
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Same desktop background on all Microsoft account comps
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