I can't find the .regs I'm looking for via regedit, and I need to remove them. I installed a custom theme and added the .regs to change the font, but it also changed my system language from Norwegian to English despite my settings still being set for Norwegian. I reverted to a standard theme and attempted to change the language from Norwegian to English, and back to Norwegian in my settings, but my folders and programs are all still in English.

I haven't been able to locate the keys in regedit, so I have no idea how I can remove them. The .regs are still in a folder and they're called DEFAULT and FCOAR - HAXRCORP, but I'm clueless about how I'll remove them unless I can do it from the Windows folder somehow. I've tried to contact the maker of the theme so ask where they're located, but no luck so far. I really wanna try to solve this without doing a system reset.