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Modifying arrows and headers in Metro desktop apps

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    Modifying arrows and headers in Metro desktop apps

    Hi all, hope you're well

    Two days ago I purchased a new laptop that comes with Windows 8. It's my first time using it and I have to go against what appears to be the population because I like Metro. I've tinkered around with it over the weekend and found most of my answers - many from this forum.

    I've installed all updates for Windows and MS Office, and it includes the Windows 8.1 update and my system is up-to-date. There are two tweaks I'd like to do but I can't find the solution. It could be my lack of understanding the correct naming conventions, so I'll try explain the best I can as Mr Google is exhausted.

    When I press the Windows Start key it gives me my best shortcuts/apps in static and live tiles. There's a down arrow to the apps which are smaller and sorted by category.

    I also use ClassicShell for two reasons: 1. Anybody using the computer can simply hold the Shift key and access programs like ol' Windows 7, and 2. I've found it a good tool to organise shortcuts as it has a direct influence on this second apps screen. I understand that moving the mousewheel moves the screen left to right.

    OK, hopefully you get the picture. So now for my two customisation questions.

    1. The first Start screen with the tiles has a very small down arrow in the bottom left corner to switch between the tiles and the apps screen. Is there any other way of switching between the two, or/and, making this tiny little arrow any larger? I'd prefer Metro to switch between screens when I move the mousewheel up and down and I can't find the option. I also can't find the option for the trackpad.

    2. My Apps (second) screen has my programs sorted by category and in each category, by alphabetical order. I find the headers difficult to read as they seem to blend in to the name of the apps. I have a couple of screenshots to explain.

    This first screenshot a couple of columns. You can see that the headings 'Office', 'Updates', and 'Utilities' aren't very well represented. Most screenshots I've seen on the web include headers that are in bold, a different font, underlined in the width of the column. The question therefore, is how do I change the header properties so they stick out more?


    1. Some columns from my laptop.
    Click image for larger version

    2. Column headers showing column headers with underlining.
    Click image for larger version

    Sorry to ask but I've simply been unable to find the answers. It's not urgent or even important, but at this stage I'd very much like to know just out of curiosity!!

    All the best and thanks for reading

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    Nope. and nope. However, instead of tiles you can make it go to apps via properties.


    Upgrade to 8.1 OR disable desktop background on start screen.
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Modifying arrows and headers in Metro desktop apps
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