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Split screen - app windows resizing

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    Split screen - app windows resizing

    When I split screen, all application windows are resized to fit in the -now smaller- desktop resolution.
    Usually, I use split screen just for a while -e.g. read a short PDF- and afterwards I end up with resizing all the windows back to the original size (they get too small to be usable). The main reason why I want to split the screen is the ability to see email/jabber notifications in the task bar notification area.

    Is there a way to disable this auto-resizing of app windows?

    Second problem with screen splitting: icons on desktop are rearranged. I found this thread:
    Desktop icons keep moving after screen resize
    ...with the solution: untick Align icons to grid in Desktop>View.

    Anyway, this "solution" is quite uncomfortable - I want the system to help me arrange icons to grid (when I drag them). So I would end up every time unticking this option before screen splitting and ticking it back afterwards.

    Any better solution?


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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, asasek.

    No offense, but overall I think you need to explain yourself better.

    When you state "split screen", do you mean snapping two apps side by side 50% of screen each, then when returning they are too small? You may want to maximize apps and use Alt/Tab or WinKey/Tab to switch. WinKey/Up arrow will maximize the app that is focused.

    Don't know what you mean about notifications in the Task Bar. It should always remain to be seen unless it's configured to auto hide.

    So far as icons on desktop getting rearranged; They shouldn't move at all if "Align icons to grid" is ticked with checkmark they shouldn't move at all, so therefore something else is wrong. Is screen resolution set at recommended?
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    Hi, I mean splitting the screen in Metro - it's also called Snap view here:
    How to Split Screen in Windows 8.1 - Snap View - LAPTOP Magazine
    This way I can use a Metro app together with a desktop one. Then the desktop gets resized as I described.
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    Thanks for furthering the explanation.

    Yes, you can snap the desktop with a Win32 app open maximized along side a Modern Store app. I'm more of a keyboardist, but you should be able to grab the top of the desktop when at 50%, move it to the center, and snap it up for it to maximize 100%. The app open on it should remain maximized as well. Are you saying that it doesn't?
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Split screen - app windows resizing
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