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Caption Buttons and Background Title Bar

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    Caption Buttons and Background Title Bar

    I posted a similar question in the new 10 Forums, but it's applicable here too.

    What I am trying to do is find a way to add colour to the background title bar. I use an "AeroMod" theme in Windows 8.1 and it allows this. The background title bar is a lighter blue than my foreground, and the close button is a dark soft blue.

    I've never seen a way to change background title bar colours though in 8x or 10x.

    Also, is there a way to narrow the width of the close button? I would like it to be the same size as a lone close (like in System Properties as an example, or Internet Properties). Notice the "X" button is smaller? Can I apply that to reular window captions?

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    Wow, I thought someone might pipe in on this sooner. Not to be impatient, I promise. Just surprised I hadn't heard anything on either forum.
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    Came across a newer build of WSB and I was able to successfully add everything I wanted to a theme (such as blue progress bars and like colours for active and inactive windows). But I have yet to figure out reducing the width of close buttons. If you open a program like Notepad and go to Help -> About Notepad, the window that appears shows an "X" button size that I would like to see on all windows.

    I attempted narrowing the width of the Close button image in Captions -> DWM -> Aero -> Close (regular, inactive, name it), but it just seems to discolour the background window title bar, and the width remains the same.

    In another thread on here, I was lead to believe a CAPTIONWIDTH setting in the registry might remedy this, but I see no effect. Again any help would be great here.
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    Got it edited and working on my own.
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Caption Buttons and Background Title Bar
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