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Win8.1 - How to change colors like in Win7?

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    Win8.1 - How to change colors like in Win7?

    I'm new to Win8.1, after using Win7 for many years.

    This may be a silly question, but I'm not being able to solve my doubt.

    I hate the paper white color on my Win8.1 Excel, Word, Outlook documents and e-mails, not to mention others.
    The white background on these documents hurt and tire my eyes.

    When using Win7 it was very easy to change the white background to the legal pad yellow, my choice color for documents.
    All you had to do was to right-click the desktop, go to Personalization<>Window Color<>Advanced Configurations, and voilá.

    How can I do the same in Win8.1?

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    You have to use a High Contrast Theme in Windows 8 to change colors.
    Right click on the desktop and choose Personalization, choose one of the High Contrast themes, click on 'Color' at the bottom and pick your colors.

    (If you have a regular theme unsaved, save it first)

    If you save the new High Contrast theme you will be able to switch between the two by pressing left Shift + left Alt + Print Screen.

    (High Contrast disables some Windows effects and 'Modern' features)

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    Win8.1 - How to change colors like in Win7?

    Hi Edwin,

    Your help made my windows background programs (Excel, Word, etc. ) change to the yellow of the legal pads.
    I'm thankful to you for this.

    But Win8.1, I think, differs a lot from Win7 on customization of colors.

    After what you teached me, my desktop color changed to yellow, when I wanted it to stay black as before.

    See the attached photo taken from my Win7 customization.
    Anybody can personalize each item of the drop-down menu.
    The first one, highlited in green, refers to my Win7 black desktop.
    Also appears the yellow background of the programs windows.

    However I don't think I can do the same on my Win8.1 laptop. Can I?

    Thanks for your help.

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Win8.1 - How to change colors like in Win7?
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