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A Classic Desktop That Looks Like THIS!

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    A Classic Desktop That Looks Like THIS!

    Go to the link and scroll halfway down. Is there ANY way to make Windows 8 look like that SAFELY?

    Disable Aero on Windows 8? - Super User

    As a quick aside (does anyone have a screenshot of the Basic Theme that is included with Windows 8?

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there.

    I disagree on this though on that desktop Old fashioned and rather Hideous looking IMO. (Reminds me a bit of Windows 98).

    I agree Metro is (as it currently works) a total disaster for doing any sensible type of coprp[orate stuff - or even working on a HOME machine where you need a load of apps to work SIMULTANEOUSLY (or CONCURRENTLY).

    Windows 9 might be able to run these in re-sizeable windows --that could be good as these would then be updating continuously even when the Focus was removed away from the particular app in question --for example you could have a Stock Market app, a News app a Sports app all updating in real time while you atre say using an EXCEL spreadsheet. Currently you only see an app actually updating while it "has the Focus".

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    Well I don't mind using the Explorer shell on Windows 8.1, but I like the classic desktop (which was supposed to be removed in 8x, but it has to be buried in there somewhere because elements of the classic desktop can appear supposedly)

    I think it looks more like Windows 2000 than 98, but it's precisely what you dislike, that I would want
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    I'm using Stardock's "Start8" which gives the desktop just like Windows 7.

    The Windows 8 Start menu returns with Start8!
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    That's cool. I like IO Bit Start Menu 8, but right now, I speaking more of the windows elements (eg. Title bar, caption buttons, etc)
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    Basically what I would like is three things for a theme:

    When a window is in the background, I'd like a lighter coloured red "x" button (or at least one similar in colour to the foreground)
    I would like a narrower "close" button. I manged this in Vista with a theme editor, but I want the same in Windows 8.
    I would like a thinner taskbar.
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    Some of the other applications that Stardock has may do some of what you want.

    Otherwise it may not be possible. Windows 8 is not Win XP or Vista, or Win 7 (unless you have Start8).
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    There are in fact some things that can be brought back. The Start menu can be added by using software like Start 8 (Stardock), Classic Shell (freeware)... whereas Modern Mix (Stardock) makes apps run on desktop in windowed mode, close, maximize and minimize buttons included. I personally use Classic Shell for the start menu, Modern Mix for apps in windowed mode, Fences (Stardock) for hideable desktop icons, Window FX (Stardock) for windows effects. Those programs let me customize Windows 8.1 how I like it. And all those programs work flawlessly, at least on my pc.
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    I'm aware of the add-ons that bring the Start Menu back. I like IOBit Start Menu 8 for example. No, I'm speaking of accessing the classic desktop sans any visual styles (apparently Server 2012 allows this).
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1

    WindowBlinds by Stardock lets you download and install various skins for Windows 8. Maybe there is one skin among the ones available that suits you. I'm almost sure that there are also freeware solutions but since I'm not into skinning I am not aware of all the alternatives available.
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A Classic Desktop That Looks Like THIS!
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