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Remove white line from taskbar auto hide

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    Windows 8.1

    Remove white line from taskbar auto hide

    Every time i auto hide my taskbar i get this ugly white line as you see on the screenshot Click image for larger version is there any program that disables this?

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    I can't seem to see that white line but...

    How About trying this:
    Auto-hide off + Taskbar unlocked = white bar
    Auto-hide off + Taskbar locked = no white bar
    Auto-hide on + taskbar locked or unlocked = white bar
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    windows 8

    even i have the same problem

    Click image for larger version

    at the right of the screen i get a vertical white line always no matter where i am in
    so guys please help me out to fix this issue

    i am using dell laptop
    please help me out

    thanks in advance

    with regards,
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Could you draw an arrow pointing to the white line please.
    I can't see it.
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    I don't see a white line on either of those... ????????
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    (Open the shots in an application with black boarders.)
    @ dharshan: I see nothing on the right.
    @ Alexenving: If it's the white line on top, I think it's intrinsic to the system.
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    I can't see those lines on those pictures either but it may not show up on print scree. I always had a thin, 1 pixel wide line at the bottom of the screen where taskbar is supposed to be and it's color taskbar is. White lines at any side is the matter of over/underscan.
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    Windows 8.1

    Click image for larger version Well now ive changed my taskbar colour to grey but i still get this line.
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Remove white line from taskbar auto hide
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