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How to change the background color of Windows 8 Explorer

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    Toning down the brightness is probably the best practice, or setting a light grey background. Inverting black on white for long term isn't so healthy for the eyes as black backgrounds tend to 'swallow up' the white text and messes with your eye focus.
    Had a link somewhere; I'll find it.

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    This perhaps isn't what the OP is looking for. but. You could try this free tool?

    Windows 8 Background Changer

    Apologies if this isn't the answer you were looking for!
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    Hi, I've finally got a 'permanent' change of background colour in many areas (permanent as in 'it's not lost after resume from hibernation'). Excluding explorer (of course). Here it is in outline:

    The basic method is:
    a. Change the two registry entries commonly documented to your preferred RGB mix.
    b. Save the theme
    c. When you resume from hibernation, run a small program -freeware- (I used Win Aero's themeswitcher) to reassert your existing theme

    That's the trick - the background colour is lost on resuming unless you reselect the same theme.
    You can try that manually, but the real trick is

    Use task scheduler to run Win Aero's Themeswitcher on resuming from hibernation.

    Yes, using 'Event' + System, Power-Troubleshooter, 1 as a trigger, you can run a task on resuming.
    (Not log on or unlocking your workstation - these won't work here).

    Thus your colours effectively remain set. See pale yellow in the image.

    Click image for larger version

    That's Win 8.1 with Aero Glass, and Y'z shadow.
    Now, replace explorer with a configurable tabbed dual pane file manager, and match the colour and you're more or less there..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mynameisshounak View Post

    I am facing a couple of problems

    (1) I want to change the background color of the Explorer. I am using Windows 8.

    I have opened "regedit" --> Control Panel --> Colors.

    I am unable to understand which value of DWORD to set in and which one to change. I want to change the color of the explorer to grey so that it does no hurt my eye. Please guide me with the exact value.

    (2) I want to change the brightness of Windows 8. I am using Acer Aspire E1- 510. Earlier I have questioned, but I was asked to download some driver and update. But it is not happening. I am not very good in hardware settings etc. In "regedit" is it possible to edit anything and decrease the OVERALL BRIGHTNESS OF THE LAPTOP?. If so please guide me.

    Thanks a lot.
    The simplest solution to (1) is to select a high-contrast theme from Personalization. Then, click on Colors to access options for various colors for various 'components', like background.

    I never explored high-contrast themes in Windows 7, because the OS offered plenty of customizations, including specific fonts. Windows 8/8.1 trash-binned those choices. And high-contrast themes do offer some relief from the white glaring backgrounds. Third-party applications seemed immune to the high-contrast themes, however.

    Solution to (2) ought to be found in the laptop user's manual. It probably consists of a fn key concurrently with a 'light bulb' key on the laptop keyboard.
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    Laptop brightness

    How do I make the display on my laptop brighter?
    How do I adjust my brightness or contrast on my laptop?

    Note too that your video card probably offers some sort of GUI with controls. For example, my NVidia card is accessible by right clicking a blank area of the desktop, then 'Nvidia control Panel'. Or via a Control Panel applet.
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    I've not seen anyone with a solution for explorer, except by, say, using Windowblinds. Personally, I don't want to go that way.

    Try a different file manager- dual pane, tabbed, configurable... lots of options for colours etc. There are a good many, although you'll never escape explorer completely.

    Click image for larger version
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    Here's how I got away from the blinding white:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails personalization.PNG   colors.PNG   explorer.PNG  
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How to change the background color of Windows 8 Explorer
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