Hello, all!

If you're like me and problem seeing the uncomfortably tiny text on the Modern / Metro UI screen due to high resolution, or you just want to change the text size farther than what settings will enable you to do, there is a solution.

Upon further research, there is a temporary fix to this solution found here:https://communities.vmware.com/thread/465301

Basically it says to do the following:
1) Press the Windows Key and R.
2) Type "regedit."
3) Go to "HKEY _CURRENT_USER," then "Control Panel" and then "Desktop" area of the registry.
4) Go to "LogicalDPIOverride" and under "value data" type "2."
5) Log out and then sign back in again.

And now the "Modern/Metro UI menu" should be back to normal! YAY!

Hope someone finds this helpful, as I know I've read some have been having this problem like I have!

Thanks and God Bless,