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    Metro Button

    i have deleted a few metro start buttons i had no use for. i kind of recollect one that you could put a birthday ./ appointments in it and it would let you know on the day. was this the case or am i dreaming. thanks all

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    Do you mean "Metro App" ? you can go to the Store and find bunch of Apps like that.
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    sorry, thats what i meant. will check in the store. thanks.
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    looked in the store. found nothing. does anyone know if there is an app like a diary that i could put a birthday in and it would tell me when i turned on my pc on that particular day. not just a bday but appointments etc.
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    If it does not need to be a Metro App, look at some of those: Download Calenders, Reminders & Notes Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks
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    thats a good start. thanks countmike
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Metro Button
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