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how do u get this to work without it compromising mail, people and messaging apps? every time i install it, those apps dont work and if i system restore all is fine again so is definately bug in the apps. sfc /scannow it wipes the changes made by the wcp tools from the pc. anyone had this problem and figured it out?
Unfortunately, some people have had this problem. It is being looked at.

Hi there
Don't mind that particular problem -- those are 3 apps I wouldn't use anyway -- I use OUTLOOK 2010 for email, LYNC for messaging etc etc and don't bother with a "People" type apps so that particular error doesn't bother me.

You can change the SIZE of those tiles however to smaller square ones. I don't really like having the HUGE tiles on my screen -- I don't need glasses as thick as Milk Bottles to see the screen which is what those large tiles would suggest I'm using.


that's the whole point I do use those apps, I use wlive for mail, so the integrated mail is handy, so is the messaging, the people app who cares. As for ur tile preferences who gives a shit, the whole point in posting was cos I do use those apps, don't really care about u, no offence.