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Easy "fix" if your Windows 8 Backgrounds are not changing.

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    Easy "fix" if your Windows 8 Backgrounds are not changing.

    Hey guys,..

    I'm sure this is posted more than once in here.. but just in case someone searches it can pop up ..

    My Theme backgrounds stopped working or stopped changing at the timed interval (10 sec, 30 sec, 5 mins, 10 mins .. etc) that I had selected completely. It would show one set of images (I run 4 monitors).. and stay there.

    Made no sense.

    Well fast forward an hour.. and while this is a desktop computer, self built,.. it had some settings that would really only apply to a laptop.

    The answer to the easy one click fix was in the Power Settings.

    Hit windows key (if you stay locked on desktop like me) -- type in power savings.. Go to Power options:

    Click on Advanced:

    Find Desktop Background Settings:

    ---- Slideshow

    ----------------- Change from "Paused" to "Available"

    Click Apply.. and it's done, wallah fixed.

    Here's an image of the screen just for reference:

    Click image for larger version

    Hope that helps someone out there..

    Great forum you guys have here.. learning a lot of tips/tricks.

    Take care,

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    Good info. +10
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Easy "fix" if your Windows 8 Backgrounds are not changing.
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