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Restore Pre-8.1 Metro Background (HP specific?)

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    Restore Pre-8.1 Metro Background (HP specific?)

    After updating my machine to 8.1, my favorite metro Start screen background (start/charms/settings/personalize) is gone in favor of new designs obviously replaced by Microsoft. Fortunately I have images of the machine from before the 8.1 update, so if need be, it would be no problem to restore the partition, extract what I need, then go back to my current installation.

    I realize this is strictly a cosmetic issue, but I'm wondering how to go about getting the old background file (was it a .dll?) and/or the individual image file(s), and bringing it over to the 8.1 installation I have now. Any input is appreciated.

    BTW, I already just purchased Decor8, but it doesn't come with the image that I like, so I'm hosed in that area.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Update: Amazing what you can find when you use the correct search terms.
    Extracting Windows 8 Start Screen Patterns - Super User

    Per the above link, I've learned that the backgrounds are located in the imageres.dll file as individual (varying resolution) discrete files, and have recovered both the .dll and extracted .png images to an external drive, but now I'm trying to figure out how to get them embedded into the new system32/imageres.dll file used by my current Windows 8.1 installation.

    Again, thanks for any help in advance.
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Restore Pre-8.1 Metro Background (HP specific?)
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