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Global DPI Scaling Disable for Win8.1 for all files/users

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    Glad it could help someone. Thanks for contributing.

    Windows creates both ~ and ^ depending where it's set. The compatibility tab in properties sets ~ and the troubleshoot compatibility tool sets ^. In PowerShell lingo ~ is a concatenation operator and ^ is (I believe) a string replacement. But in practice they don't seem to make any difference since other flags like RunAsAdmin still get passed along just fine with ^.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eman Resu View Post
    Update: It appears that setting __COMPAT_LAYER to "HighDpiAware" or "HIGHDPIAWARE" has the same effect as setting it to "blah", that is: (1) the flag is not intepreted, (2) it also stops any registry flags from being processed.
    This is really interesting. I've had trouble for a long time with mmc after initially getting it to be blur-free and thought it had to do with the AppCompat cache. Clearing it in the locations I could find never helped and your findings would explain why.

    In the course of layering on fixes it seems adding the Environment var was counter productive. It's odd because inspecting a high-DPI-forced app in Process Explorer shows that var in the Environment tab. I guess it can only be set at runtime and not as a global variable.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I will definitely try it. I'm almost certain you're right but I'll edit if I don't get the same results.
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    Meanwhile I've also discovered I needed to remove the "{^, ~,}HIGHDPIAWARE" entry for "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" from "...AppCompatFlags\Layers", otherwise it would set the "__COMPAT_LAYER=HighDpiAware" environment variable, which (contrary to any reasonable expectations) makes things such as "mmc.exe" blurry again when started from the command line. Despite this being an elevated command prompt, only the HKCU entry seems to be processed. Maybe it has something to do with AppCompatCache but I didn't investigate, I removed both entries (in HKCU and HKLM).

    It's a pity this environment variable thing can't be put to work as the best solution out of this mess would clearly be to enable global "high-DPI awareness", with a per-process opt-out (exactly the opposite of what MS decided to go for) and setting the environment variable would seem like the easiest solution to achieve this (if it worked).
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Global DPI Scaling Disable for Win8.1 for all files/users
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