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it'd be fantastic if somebody wanted to help me with these two queries

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    it'd be fantastic if somebody wanted to help me with these two queries

    dual-booting 7 and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. it's pretty slick but I'm wondering how I could go about adding my Windows 7 partition to my path or whatever I would need to do to run the applications installed there. I imagine there are some permissions issues too; I had to screw with them to run a standalone executable so I can only imagine how hard a complex application would be.

    also, has anybody figure out how to import an itunes library into the music player? I added my music folder to the Music library so I can play all of my songs, but I don't actually want to play ALL of my songs.

    thanks in advance!
    edit: if anybody saw the unedited version of this post, I apologize for the abysmal formatting. for some reason all my line breaks were removed and I didn't notice.
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    Am I int the right place?
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    sirpazzolot welcome to the eightforums

    In order to import your software from old windows to a new one is actually quite easy. (as long as you have W7 installed there)

    got to the old windows program files and find the programname.exe file, and right click it. click 'send to' and then 'desktop (create shortcut)'

    there you have it, and if you want it to appear in to the start menu, just copy/paste it to


    Unfortunately i don't know anything about iTunes...
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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and various Linux distributions

    Thanks for the reply!
    Unfortunately, it isn't that easy. You can do that with a standalone executable after messing with permissions but a larger application doesn't work. I'm not sure exactly where the problem lies but I'm guessing it has to do with certain system files being unavailable and/or too many permissions issues. After doing some more thinking, I doubt that this task would be feasible. Oh well! The iTunes question still stands.
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    If you have playlists within iTunes you can export them using the m3u format, place them in the iTunes music folder. Then you can import them into Xbox Music on windows 8. In Xbox just go to My Music, right click and use the Import Playlists. Worked for me.
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it'd be fantastic if somebody wanted to help me with these two queries
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