I'm pretty happy with my de-Metro'd Win8.1 laptop now. But one nagging issue left is color schemes. Specifically, in windows (mail/chrome/vim, not Microsoft) my scroll bar is light blue on a white background. Sometimes, I'm not sure why, it goes to very light blue on a white background.

What's annoying is my very light blue on a white background tends to happen 100% on google maps, where the background is very light blue, and the streets are white. In other words, I have a screen of white with street names and no idea where the actual streets are.

I found a website that gave me registry entries to change, but randomly changing random numbers to other random numbers got old fast. I could see the effect each change made, but had no clue as to what each color entry mapped to.

My question is simple. In a window with a scrollbar, how to I ensure the scrollbar stands out, as opposed to hiding in the background. I want my scrollbar to be obvious, something to grab on to, a source of strength. Not some shrinking violet, thinking "please don't find me" with all it's RGB might.

Not a Win8.1 hater, I actually like the OS. I hate Metro with a passion, but I've pretty much figured out how to avoid Metro altogether.