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A Menu of Menus of Menus of......

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    A Menu of Menus of Menus of......

    By creating folders with CLSID names (like the God-Mode folder) you can get a single toolbar that opens from one place into every place. Create one folder called "GOD" and then create folders in it with these names (or as many of them as you have any use for):

    for the "Programs Folder" which is like a Start Menu

    for the "Recent Places" Folder

    for the Libraries Folder

    for the Favorites Folder

    for the Recycle Bin

    for the My Computer folder

    for the God-Mode "All Tasks" view

    for the God-Mode "All Settings" view

    for the "Programs and Features" view

    for your User Folder

    for the "Applications" Folder, the "all apps in one list" view

    Then create a toolbar from the "GOD" folder and close it all the way, so it's just an arrow on the Taskbar with no icons showing. When you click the arrow you'll get a vertical menu of the above items, and each one will cascade through all the subfolders in it. But the icons in the toolbar must be hidden in order to work this way. If an icon is visible on the Taskbar, it will not open a cascading menu but will just open one folder instead.

    This only works with the special kind of folder shortcuts created by a CLSID name, as above. If it's just a regular shortcut to a folder, it won't cascade to a menu of the folder's contents. And even with a CLSID, there are certain cases that don't work. But many do, including those listed above.
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    In addition if you like:

    (aka: GOD Mode)
    Control Panel All Tasks Toolbar - Create in Windows 8
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    Of course, you can create any toolbar you want by itself. But this method gives you all of them as sub-menus of a single toolbar occupying only a small corner of the Taskbar. You can't do that by just creating one toolbar, because these folders aren't all in one folder. They're widely scattered throughout the system. And regular shortcuts won't cascade to menus. That's why I explored this possibility as an alternative.

    Here's how it looks, with "GOD" cascading to "Start" (i.e. the Programs folder) and from there to Office. Note at lower left that all the other toolbars (Libraries, Tasks, and so on) are part of the same "super-menu" and it will expand whichever one you hover on.
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    I appreciate what you are saying. But when you overload the toolbar, you have a hard time to find things quickly. I make subfolders and see to it that here are not more than 20 items. Mine is "All ". A short name does not take too much space in the taskbar.

    Click image for larger version
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A Menu of Menus of Menus of......
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