Anyone know of an app or a way to achieve the following:

- Have lockscreen, start screen, desktop wallpaper, and account wallpaper all change once a day to a random image

- Random image is pulled from two sources: (a) a folder on my computer and (b) an online source where I can select categories of HD wallpapers

Or what's the closest I can get to this?

Here's the thing, I can go select my favorite photos and download some favorite HD wallpapers and put them in a folder. But, I'd like the system to automatically show me something new once in a while without having to go download it. But I don't want to only see random wallpapers that I haven't already chosen. I want a mix of both.

My guess is, I'm just going to have to live with every month or so, (a) going through my new photos to see if I want to add some of them to my wallpaper folder and (b) shopping for new wallpapers on the net that I also may want to add.

This still leaves this issue of getting ALL the screens to change once a day. They don't have to show the same wallpaper. Seems Lockscreen, desktop and start screen there's either a setting or an app to achieve it but account screen may not have an auto-change solution.