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Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

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    Bay Area
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    That's a good one Wenda

    A Guy

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    Great work, Betty....Ahhh...I mean Wenda.
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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Thanks, all.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Nice sig making, everyone.
    Keep it up..

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    Man I'm totally useless trying something like this. Soooo many talented people on here, its really amazing. Luv your sig Wenda!
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    4 Windows 7 Pro Sp1- 4 Win 8 Pro, 1- xp pro sp3

    Arc does beautiful sigs, can't you tell,,,he made mine in seven forum and fixed up my avatar here, the graphic I made, the colors he did, but looking at all he has made for everyone here, they are just amazing!
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    Windows 8 - 64 bit

    Quote Originally Posted by Tews View Post
    I've made 2 new sigs for both forums ... coments?
    Tews I would like the bottom Sig with my info. on it please, if i'm not too late with my request.
    Thanks very much.
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    Windows 8 - 64 bit

    Quote Originally Posted by Tews View Post
    I've made 2 new sigs for both forums ... coments?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arc View Post
    Attachment 25398

    One for LPt Sorry I am late
    ARC hello friend.. NP.. I love the Sig, I'm the sorry one , it's taken me so long to find this .. I now have it safely tucked away to apply later today.
    thank you so much.. Great Sig.
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    It feels good that you like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    I've been fairly busy, and haven't had the keyboard-time I'd have liked.

    Hopefully I can get back into it soon.

    Anyway, I've put a couple of 'generics' together, anyone who wishes to use them is welcome.

    Just load them into Paint or similar, add your 'nick', and enjoy!


    VERY Impressive Wenda. (I prefer the blue tho) (The image didnt show so it's in msg #1089)
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Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

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