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Windows 8 stuck in High Contrast mode

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    As long as I don't need to use any Tiles, I've kept it in. IT's easy enough to change modes. It seems like HC mode changes something in Explorer, and since ex7forW8 uses a windows 7 Explorer.exe file, that explained why it could not load certain Windows 8 Control Panel Pages.

    Explorer for 8 contains not only the Explorer Shell but the Start Screen as well, I didn't know that until this debacle.

    Anyway, I ain't interested in solving UFOs, I like knowing there have been bunches of sightings in my area. I saw a Mid Air Collision in 1977, over approximately Lake Chollas area. I saw two bright lights in the sky, thought they were airplanes, and they were approaching each other. Then they collided and there was a Bright Flash, which descended rapidly and there was a tail of bright particles, like flaming debris. I just happened to be looking out of the bathroom window when I saw it.

    I thought maybe it was 2 planes collided, like the 747 and the Cessna that happened over San Diego a few months earlier, and I eagerly picked up the morning paper to see what it was... But there was absolutely NO mention of it.

    Back then the area I lived in was very small, it WOULD have been in the papers.

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    Welcome to the start screen.

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    Explorer for 8 contains not only the Explorer Shell but the Start Screen as well, I didn't know that until this debacle.
    Yes that's because the start screen is included in the Explorer.exe itself. The Win7 version contains the start menu.
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Windows 8 stuck in High Contrast mode
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