Is there a way to make the live tiles on the Windows 8.1 Start Page transparent that I am missing?

I am thinking it more than likely has to be done with 3rd party software but I forgot what it was that I used on 8 before uninstalling the OS. The reason I ask is because it's a shame to let some really cool Start Page Walls go to waste without being able to see them because of the "fugly" colors of the live tiles.

Everything I query on the subject points me to Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer by vhanla, which is probably what I used on 8 .... when it was clean, if you take the download file now and upload it to Virustotal it comes up with 7/47 hits due to Trojans and malware in the installer. See here Virustotal Results on Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer by vhanla
Needless to say vhanla needs to make some cash and chose the cheesy way to do it, so I'm not going to touch it with a ten foot stick.

If someone could suggest some other options, that would be great.