Hello Folks,

My purpose is the following : i want a Metro user interface similar to my old iPhone.
The background became black with the theme's parameters modification.
Then, i had to make some adjustments for the icons to make them a little bit smoother and now i would like to find a technic to transform the .ico into a bigger one, like the 24 icon small objects delivered by microsoft.

Let me show you a screen capture :

Click image for larger version

: The restyled icons of Microsoft standard Office apps like Access, Word, Outlook or Excel are not as big as the way they are on the slide above. I just replaced some 150x150 icons delivered in the C:\Program Files\Applications
like C:\Program Files\Applications\microsoft.bitbox_1.0.0.11_neutral_neutral_8wekyb3d8bbwe\images\logo.png by a similar 150x150 logo corresponding to word 2010.

Now the first question is : several plug-ins like : ICOFormat-1.93b1-win for Photoshop are available to produce fresh icons with a 150x150 pix size ready to be used in replacement of the small Microsoft icons, but how can we replace the small Word 2010 one with the square tile including the full text : Microsoft Word 2010 and it's small icon by a big one) ?

The second question concerns the text written inside the tiles.
For instance : i'm not able to mask the text : "Tile Puzzle" (linked to the Tile Puzzle Application) at the bottom of the restyled icon Sharepoint 2010 (third form the left at the bottom line of the above slide). I tried several modifications inside the texts configuration files but found no good solution.

Thanks a lot for your response.