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add new folders to the Folders group under This PC

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    add new folders to the Folders group under This PC

    Hey, quick question. I can't seem to find a way to add new folders to the Folders group under This PC. Last I checked, the only way was to insert the CLSID into the registry at those locations, but what about custom folders without a CLSID? I don't want to go around trying to register new CLSID just to get this to work. The issue is that I run Dropbox which has Camera Uploads folder and since Windows 8.1 is now shying away from folders, the Pictures folder is just Dropbox\Pictures and does not include Camera Uploads. Therefore, I'm trying to add Dropbox\Camera Uploads onto the side as well. Any ideas?

    EDIT: I found a way using add network folders but it shows up under Network and it's really annoying. There is a utility from How to tweak "This PC " folder in Windows 8.1 | Techofy that says it would edit that but I don't want to run anything that's not open source and I compile myself or a trusted program due to TPM/security reasons.

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    Hi there
    not sure if this is the answer to your question but I added a link on adding cascading menus to items in the section General support -- you might be able to add it that way.

    It's still going to require a registry edit however but you might be able to hack around with it by creating a "dummy link" and then adding your specific items to it.

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add new folders to the Folders group under This PC
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