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Changing Documents location and Personalization?

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    Changing Documents location?

    I changed the location of my documents folder to just the c drive, and i cannot change it back, before i just right clicked the folder and changed it from the properties, only now i cannot see the folder only the folders i had in the documents. Is there another way to change it, i tried searching for the documents folder but it doesn't come up. picture: imgur: the simple image sharer
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    Via file explorer, find regedit.exe (in C:\windows\) and run it (or just use start key +r, then enter regedit). The documents location is stored in HKEY_Current_User\software\Microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\user shell folders. Modify Personal from 'C:' to whatever new location you want. Editing the registry can be dangerous if not done right so either make a restore point or save the registry beforehand (google for guides to do that if you don't know how).

    An advice though. There is no sane reason to change the documents location from its default to c: and I do not recommend it at all. It is a nice option when you have to reinstall windows (because of a crash or whatever), since you can separate the OS files from your data files BUT... you have to choose a location different from your windows main partition (C: I assume for you) so either to another partition (D:\My Documents\, E:\My Documents\, etc..), or even safer to another disk entirely. I also hope you are not thinking of using the root of C (C:\) for storing any of your personal data, it is a very bad idea, folders are there for a reason.
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Changing Documents location and Personalization?
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