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my cusomizations desktop,software,dual boot

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    win 7 64 pro+win 8 64 , xp 32 pro

    my cusomizations desktop,software,dual boot

    win8 download site
    Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads

    win8 32or(64) unistall win medea player-programs and features\turn window
    features on or off or set program access\custom\unenable,then install these

    changes desktop to win 7,can uninstall after change
    Download Win 8 Start Menu Changer 1.0.2 Free - Easily change the Metro Ribbon UI of Windows 8 to Windows 7 style. - Softpedia
    |MG| Win7codecs 3.1.7 Download
    media player
    setup,right click\preferences\file type association\check all\update
    registry cleaner
    dont install tool bar
    CCleaner - Builds
    for web videos install Microsoft Silverlight comes with Windows Live Essentials
    and flash player.
    Windows Live Essentials 2011 - Download free Microsoft programs
    Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player
    dual boot trouble
    EasyBCD 2.1,can uninstall after change.
    start BCD,remember entrys displayed,add new entry,type,name to display,drive letter
    look in start,computer,c: drive or d e f.....when sure add entry. when done entrys
    start BCD,edit boot menu and delete old entrys if any ,if something goes wrong and you cant
    boot,boot from win disc and repair start up.
    EasyBCD - Download
    virus protection
    Microsoft Security Essentals(set up)
    with stock(but set up) Fire Wall and Windows Defender

    you should be able to play most music and videos...Your Welcome...TF
    ps works for win 7 also
    If you like or have something better leave reply.
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my cusomizations desktop,software,dual boot
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