Windows 8

I am hopeful some one knows how to do the following.

When dragging files from one folder to another a large icon is displayed.
How can I disable this and use a semi-transparent list or file name as in XP?

How can I disable all tool tips and yellow pop up folder and file name displays?

In Windows XP you can select folder view and see a folder list in a left side pane and the folder content in the right side pane.
This is done for only the current folder.
With Windows 8 selecting folder view changes all folders.
How can I set this in Windows 8 so only the current folder is set to folder view?

In folder view when I click on a folder in the right pane content list it becomes selected.
When double clicked it opens in a new window.
How do I set this so when clicked or double clicked the left pane folder list navigates to the clicked folder and the content pane is updated to the clicked folder?

In folder view how do I enable deleting folders in the left pane folder view with the quick toolbar button?

In Windows XP in folder view when folder is deleted the display moves to the previous selected folder and it's content is displayed in the left pane.
How do I set win 8 to do this?

The folder onmouseover event highlights the underlying file or folder.
How can I disable this?

How can I change the explorer default window size and column widths?

How can I assign custom icons to files?

How can I add "Select ALL", "Select None" ans "invert Section" to the context menu?

How can I disable the "layout/list icons options box" onmouseover event?