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Changing white to black

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    Changing white to black

    Alright gang, here is the dilemma.

    One of the things about Windows Phone is its high contrast style UI, with black background and white text. On Windows 8, especially the Desktop, this is reverse where black is the text color and white is the background. It is a proven fact that having a white background take more power versus a black background. I prefer the look as well. I've tried out the high contrast theme on Windows, but the problem is that it makes the internet high contrast, which sucks. I've also tried out a black theme for Windows, which needed the uxtheme.dll to be patched. I did that one and it kind of messed with the visuals where the open program icons on the Taskbar would appear as if the mouse cursor was hovering over it when it's not.

    Click image for larger version

    So this is basically what I want black; Task Manager and File Explorer background from white to black. I'm wondering if it's just a simple registry edit versus a .dll patching. Also while I have the attention, can the text size be overall be sized up a bit without DPI adjusting?

    Any input? Thanks!

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    Don't you know the story of AeroLite -> High Contrast modes?

    I've experimented with those a while ago. Look into the properties and see what can be changed and what not.

    Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

    Theme test:
    Change taskbar opacity

    Dark experiment:
    Desktop icons not lining up with right side of screen.

    I'm working on a darker theme like what you described there, no patching, using original theme files. We'll need to rely on one Hi Contrast mode of AeroLite but we'll need to ignore the browser windows...

    I'll see what I can do, check the links above if you intend to try something out.

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    Well, there's no way to change just explorer and task manager: other programs and white backgrounds will change as well.

    AeroLite and Aero (normal themes) don't allow you to change just a few items. I do the changes in high contrast because it's the only one allowing to change options.

    Some options are missing from the settings (*.theme) file like Metrics and such: go to Win XP or Vista/7 and save a classic theme for sharing then get/extract the *.theme and edit it with notepad to see all options and apply this to Win8 as well.

    High contrast and 3rd party themes are the only options you got.

    I'll create a thread with special themes, based on AeroLite and high contrast since we don't have this yet.
    Special Themes (AeroLite and High Contrast variations)
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Changing white to black
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