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Show sort headings in all views (Win 8, File Explorer)?

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    System Restore worked, hooray!

    Still have no idea why it is so finiky to get working, nor how I did get it to work in Windows 8 Explorer before.

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    Really Windows 8? It wasn't CCleaner, it was me resetting Internet Explorer to default settings to remove the Conduit Search hijacker that flushed-out my column header settings? What the hell!

    Back to System Restore I go to get them back, I guess.
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    So... someone out there with more knowledge than I might be able to explain all this. I'm just bumble-****ing around looking for answers.

    The reason why resetting IE's settings to get rid of the Conduit Search hijack I have may lie in the advanced settings checkbox 'enable third party browser extensions'. Folder Options X - one of the pieces of software I mentioned that has the column header fuctionality built-into a larger overall software - states that it needs that checkbox to be ticked.

    ... although there is no addon anywhere in IE for Explorer7fixes.dll, like is shown for Folder Options X above. I'm glad System Restore worked for me, I just wish I knew why. I hate not knowing things.
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    What has Internet Explorer to do with File Explorer extensions?

    I think it really was CCleaner wiping too many registry entries before the successful restore took place.
    Exclude the needed registry lines from the cleaning operation so it will not happen again.
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    I don't think it has to do with CCleaner. The first time I restored from system restore, I did not run CCleaner, but I did reset IE's settings. That wiped them out again. One of the little bulletpoints which comes-up during the IE settings reset says something like 'user customizations'; so I'm assuming the two are somehow related, especially given Folder X Options' image on needing IE to have third party browser extensions to be enabled.
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    Pretty weird...

    I thought Explorer7fixes is an extension to Windows (File) Explorer, not Internet Explorer.

    I don't use any 3rd party extensions to File Explorer since those (mostly the untested ones) can be pretty unstable and crash.
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    If this happens again, and All my System Restore points are corrupted?
    the way to fix it is to open CCleaner>Tools>Startup and enable Helper/Explorer7Fixes BHO Class.

    This will work even though there is no longer any record of the 'addon' in IE after resetting IE to default (say, if I get Conduit/Delta Search hijacker again).

    Although I have no idea if it will work if you install CCleaner after having to reset IE's settings and didn't have it already installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Sorry, only details will show sort headers.
    Drove me crazy that I couldn't sort picture thumbs by size or date, etc. Classic Shell fixes this. 'Sort headers in all views' will enable for all, not just default details view.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    You possibly need Folder Options X ( Folder Options X )

    It has such option.
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Show sort headings in all views (Win 8, File Explorer)?
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