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Better Desktop Search for Win 8 Apps, Settings, Files Etc?

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    did you try playing with the settings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    Sorry I don't have a solution -- but wanted you to know that you're not alone in Search not working right.

    I have the same problems, and worse, on my Win8 setup.

    I open the Apps screen, enter the name of an app (like "Word") -- and it finds nothing, even though I can see the icon (tile?) of MS Word clearly displayed on the Apps screen.

    Back in Win7, all I have to do is enter "word" in the Start area, and that search tool finds everything containing that word. Pity that Win8 doesn't do the same (at least, for me)

    UPDATE: Just for grins, I tried doing a search using Start8, and just like with Win7, THAT search works fine. I enter "win" and get a bunch of results, one of which is Windows Update. So, it's the Search from the Start screen (and other Metro screens) that does not work.
    Good to know I am not the only one experiencing this. Hopefully leads to a solution :/

    Sounds like we are having the same problem. Searching from Windows Desktop IE in File Explorer - results are great. Issue is only with the Start Screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    did you try playing with the settings?

    Click image for larger version
    Not really much to play with there? But yes, I do have all of mine slid to On.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by chadmk View Post
    First would be simply related results such as if I were to search for "Image" OR "Photo" software (if I am searching Apps than "software" Should be a given) and I happen to have software such as Picasa, Photo Viewer, or other imaging programs these should appear... Currently I get nothing.. Many cases identical to this example.

    Another feature that seems basic enough and is currently not happening is understanding simple word or phrase variations. If I search for "Power" OR "Power Point" why the hell shouldn't this result in MS PowerPoint popping up?? But currently you would have to type in EXACTLY "powerpoint" in order to get a result.
    Normally I get results directly after typing the first 2 - 3 letters of a program.
    I've also seen weird things (nothing found what I needed...) but once I've messed with the indexing and search options: now I got it back to default.

    "Wo" gives me MS Word right away and "cc" puts Ccleaner on top of the list. (Shows what you got installed, of course)

    So that works pretty fast.

    Since search is based on what you type and looks for programs names (apps included) settings and files, type the beginning letters of what you need, the phrase search should take longer and doesn't seem to give accurate results all the times.

    We'll see if Win 8.1 adds some enhancements to the search.

    Do you happen to know which setting that you had to change to fix your Search results back to "Default"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    This guy has a video and seems to have the same problems that you are having;
    Windows 8 Desktop App Search Problem (Solved! See description) - YouTube

    Out of curiosity, are you using a Microsoft Live account or a local account for logins?

    Here were his steps for resolving his particular issue
    -I turned off Syncing on my problem PC (steps in link below).
    -I went to!/win... and removed my Sync settings.
    -I created another, local admin account on my problem PC.
    -Using the new admin account I deleted my problem account/profile (keeping the user files).
    -I went to C:\Users folder and renamed the folder of my problem account to something different. (you may need to take permission of the folder, search online on how to do that.) If you don't do this, your User folder will have a different name than the one you probably would like when you do the next time
    -I (re)added a new user with the original account info that was having problems in the past, and, lo and behold, the partial word search was working!
    -I had to re-add this PC as a trusted PC with my MS account.
    -Turned on syncing with the working profile.
    -This has fixed my problem and I hope it NEVER comes back.
    I am using a live login, I am curious to see if this fixes my problem. Thank you for sharing this. I will check this out and share my results.
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Better Desktop Search for Win 8 Apps, Settings, Files Etc?
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