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create slideshow for private photos?

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    create slideshow for private photos?

    simple question for you, but not one I could find.

    I have a number of photos I want to be able to view in a sort of slide show fashion, with each click moving to the next photo in the show. I would be happy with being able to just move to the next photo in the gallery, nothing fancy, though the ability to set some default size settings would be nice. I'm often throwing new photos in, and they aren't always the same photo format, and I would prefer to be able to toss photos in a folder and cycle thorugh the photos in that folder with minimum extra configuration needed. I know that this all ready exists with the photo gallery

    However, There are privacy issues for some of the people in these photos, and as such I don't want them publicly view able by anyone on my computer; as I sometimes share my computer with others (everyone sharing a single user name). I don't think I need full out password protection, just to keep the photos well enough hidden that someone playing on my computer isn't going to stumble upon these photos by accident; though currently the photos are password protected as I just threw them into my encrypted folder. I believe this means I can't throw my photos into the photo gallery and use it's built in slide show ability as that would make the photos public and easily viewed? What is the next easiest manner to create a simple slide-show like ability without using the photo gallery, or keeping the photo gallery private?

    Is there an easy way to do this in windows 8? Also, ideally I would like the photos themselves to not show up on any 'recently viewed' list, I would prefer to be able to name the photos after the individuals within them without worrying that someone could learn a name I don't want to made public.


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    Hi there dsollen and welcome to Eightforums!

    As I understand your post you want to be able to slideshow through some private pictures, using an account on your pc that multiple users are using.

    Well, the first sollution that pops up in my mind is..... ==> why don't you create an extra account, just for yourself and keep that account password protected?

    That way you can be sure that no one will abuse the photo's, or see them by accident.

    Good luck with it!


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create slideshow for private photos?
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